Assignment 05

Group Project- 
2 people per group

Scene must have at least 2 characters...
Characters must be the following characters from the character pack.
2 characters (RW stickman with arms and/or Norman) you can play with size, you can use the same character twice, anything other will need approval and sketches/turnarounds.
Props must be approved first and will require sketches.

(the switch-er-oo)
Character A will try to scare character B.
Before character A scares character B, character B will scare character A first.

What must be posted...
1 character line up if you are deviating from any past designs per group.
1 set of storyboards per group.
1 video reference uploaded per group--this is to inform your timing and spacing...
1 Character Key animation video with name of who keyed it per character.
1 final Animation with 10 seconds per person in the group.

Everyone MUST do some keys of a character--10 seconds worth for full credit
A rule of thumb for this assignment is 6 drawing per character per second.

This project is due WED, June 5th, Week 10

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