Assignment 04

10 Seconds of Animation.

You do not have to animate on ones for this but try to make it as fluid as possible so aim for 2's and then on 1's as you need them.

Keep the camera set straight to stage, no funny angles all in one shot.
*This is an animation fundamentals class, not a story boarding or cinematography class*

Post your story boards

Due WED, May the 1st on the blog.

Post you video reference footage

Due FRI, May the 3rd on the blog.

Post your animation

Due MON, May the 13th.

I recommend working this way.
Pass 1 - One drawing per second of animation.
Animating on 24's (one drawing a second)
Pass 2 - Add 2 BKNs (breakdowns).
Animating on 8's (three drawings a second)
Pass 3 - In-Between Everything.
Animating on 4's (six drawings a second)
Pass 4 - In-Between Everything Again.
Animating on 2's (twelve drawings a second)
So you should have about 120+ drawings for this assignment.

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