Saturday, May 4, 2013

Rasnake David, IRONMAN 3


Scene with Tony Starks calling the Mark 42 parts to his body from around his lab and goes into the kneel down - 1 fist down Iron Man pose


Tons of antics! Personal favorite was when Tony Starks was tied up to the metal bed spring in Aldrich Killian's warehouse with two guards watching him. Tony Starks was moving his hands calling the Mark 42 from Tennessee to Miami and threatening both guards lives. The Mark 42 took forever to get to Miami so Starks was just acting like he had the hand part of the suit already on and making movements as if he was going to blast him with his hands. The guards were laughing until a couple minutes later the parts finally arrived to cover Starks hands and sure enough they got palm blasted.


A cool example of staging was when Tony Starks' body guard went following the Aldrich Killians body guard and after the explosion the camera made a point to show his eyes as he laid hurt on the ground starring at something then showed the dog tags of the ground with no mention of them or relevance to the scene until later when Tony Starks used Jarvis to search the crime scene and noticed the dog tags. The dog tags had to be of importance because the camera panned the aftermath of the crime scene and stopped on the view of the dog tags.


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